Terms and Conditions

After your cleaning services have been confirmed to be delivered by us, you are subjected to numerous norms and conditions which needs to be followed:

General Terms and Conditions

  • We provide 7 days bond back guarantee and incase if there will be any issue will redo complementary.
  • We Re-do service within reasonable time 48 hours.
  • Customers must pay the cleaning fees on the cleaning day while our staff is doing job. Paying with credit card costs 2% extra.
  • We click and send you the photos if we find any damage in property while cleaning.
  • Some hard stains on carpet could be permanent, So in this case we take photos before and after cleaning.
  • If you show/cause any sort of misbehaviour with our staff while they are performing their service at your place, they will leave without any notice and you will have to pay $90 penalty.
  • All prices are estimated only.

Property Access

In any case you are out somewhere when we reach; we would be requiring a duplicate pair of your house keys available on the present scenario. You can resolve this concern through different ways, such as:

  • Someone else can be present on the site when we arrive, as it will save time and efforts of both the parties. We have reserved the rights to charge as per the time if that person comes late or is absent.
  • Leave the keys in a pre-arranged and discussed location (e.g. Electric switchboard, mail box etc.). We will leave the keys after we complete our task.
  • Collect your keys from the real estate agency, as we will deposit the keys upon completion.

We will not be held responsible for any commercial loss or damage in case of an unidentified third party access.

Parking Costs

Parking costs will be covered by the tenants for the cleaning team’s vehicle.

Equipment and Chemicals

Pam Eco Cleaning has been deliberately using their own tools and cleaning equipment and products in order to maintain the health and safety factor. However, if you would like us to use yours, we have the full rights to inspect the equipment first-hand and then proceed.

Furnished Properties – Bond Cleaning

Other case would be if your house remains furnished throughout the bond cleaning process, surplus costs will be charged for continuous movement of furniture and other items by our team.

Carpet Cleaning – Bond Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning services propose better looking, fabricated and refreshed carpets for your household purposes. We do not make any kind of promises regarding the complete stain removal.


As we have assured you with 100% return on the services, we expect full payment before the arrival. If you find any sort of loophole regarding the services, and are not up to the standards of your real estate agency’s level, all of the money will be refunded ASAP! You can either pay via cash, bank deposits via invoice mail.

Our Assurance

We, at Pam Eco Cleaning prolifically assure you a 100% guarantee regarding the result satisfaction and the usage of good-quality products. Post your comments, feedbacks, advices or complaints through our email ID and we will try to rectify the hole within no time.